What does Balance mean for you?

Balance is unique to each of us and what may feel balanced for me may feel stressful or boring to you.


So many of us are drawn into the constant busy-ness of life that we do not know we are out of balance.  We have created this busy-ness in our lives and yet we don’t understand that we can take control of it.  We are often over-scheduled with little time to eat well, exercise, spend time with our families and friends, efficiently do our jobs, keep a household in order , go on a holiday or even to just spend some time out just for ourselves.  And then the thought of being out of balance throws us in to turmoil and guilt!


The Balance Plan is about you exploring and assessing your balance over time.

We approach balance as a harmonious shift to allow and create equal opportunity in all areas of your life. Not focussing on a perfect balance but rather shifting it when you can.

Kind words

I came to Danielle to get advice on my health and lifestyle. Being a busy mum of 2 little ones (6 and 4 years of age) and running a business I find it extremely difficult to stop and find time for myself.

Danielle not only gave me some wonderful advice on diet but also pointed out some ways I could improve my lifestyle. Its the little things that count and sometimes until you sit down and talk to someone about it you don’t realise how to make simple changes.

Danielle was informative, caring, encouraging and passionate.

I highly recommend her services and am excited for her business and the help she can provide others.

~ Kirstyn

I am a busy working mother of two little ones, 4 years old and 15 months, working part time in Human Resources as well as running my own business. I wanted to start to prioritise my health and wellbeing to meet the demands of our young family and busy life and therefore decided to engage the services of Health Coach, Danielle Watkins.

Danielle was professional, warm, respectful and so personable. Her encouragement and practical strategies have seen me start to once again put my health first and I’m so much happier in myself for that, as is my little family.

I would not hesitate to recommend the services of Danielle and have done to several of my friends. To anyone thinking about Health Coaching, I say go for it! It’s so empowering taking control of your own health and making it a priority. It’s so important! We all have the ability to gain optimum health and wellbeing, sometimes we just need a helping hand.

Danielle, I can’t thankyou enough for all of your guidance, love and support xxx

~ Michelle

Danielle is wonderful! I consider myself pretty healthy in general. I was surprised after my consultations with Danielle that she was actually able to offer me some great ideas on small things I could do to improve on my already good health, Easy things that I have slotted in to my daily routine and have noticed a difference almost immediately.

She is knowledgeable and obviously has a passion for helping people to live the best life available to them through healthy nutrition and life balance. Danielle would be an absolute asset to anyone especially those that are struggling with weight and health concerns. I’d have no problem recommending Danielle to my friends and family.

~ Airlie

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